fed up WITH feeling tired and sluggish?
bounce back into your day with energy and vitality!
bounce back into your day with energy and vitality!
Juggling work, family and life can sap your energy – and leave you feeling fatigued and tired.
SoulLife Organic Mineral Supplements are specially formulated to boost your energy and vitality, so you can tackle whatever your day brings!
Bounce Back Into Action With SoulLife!
SoulLife Organic Mineral Supplements contains a complete spectrum of 70 essential minerals in their organic, highly soluble form for the best possible absorption!
  • Organic Humic & Fulvic Acid Complex
  • ​Kelpware 
  • ​Bentonite
  • ​Golden Bamboo
  • ​Sea Salt
  • ​Complete Spectrum of 70 Organic Minerals!
This powerhouse of organic vitamins and minerals aid energy production, boost mental performance, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and keep your nervous and immune systems in shape! 
CELLENDA: Organic Mineral Support
CELLENDA’s unique formula contains POP-C, which stands for Prehistoric Organic Plant-Compound. (also known as humic and fulvic acid).

This is the largest source of non-living organic matter on the planet. 

This special raw material also happens to be one of the largest reserves of carbon found in nature. When it comes to minerals that are easily recognized by your body, CELLENDA’s formula is the best as it contains up to 70 of the most bioavailable (ionic) forms. 

Our natural organic formula ultimately comes from the remains of prehistoric plant material, which has gone through millions of years of decomposition and thus contains minerals that are naturally organically-bound. 

These organically-bound minerals were formed when the plant material absorbed “inorganic minerals” and attached these minerals to organic molecules within the plants, called ligands (proteins, amino acids or various sugars).
Common sense would dictate your body absorbs minerals better in some forms than in others. 

For instance, aside from breaking your teeth if you tried to eat a rock, the multitude of minerals in that rock would basically just sit in your gut without ever being distributed to your cells.

However, if you were to eat a plant that contained naturally and organically-bound minerals, your body would both recognize those minerals as food and be able to absorb and utilize them sufficiently.

Unlike inorganic minerals, organically-bound minerals (as those in CELLENDA™) contain bonds that are weak in nature and quite easily broken apart (or ionized).

Minerals in this “free ionic state” are better absorbed, more effectively used, and are “body friendly” (that is, they are less of a burden to your body because of their use). Therefore, the organically-bound minerals found in CELLENDA™ are easily broken down and absorbed by your body for use in your trillions of cells.
What are the benefits of humic and fulvic acid?
  • Combats vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • ​Boosts nutrient absorption
  • Improved digestion
  • ​Improves gut health
  • ​Increased energy
  • ​Boosts immune response
  • ​Healthy skin, hair and nails
  • ​Fights inflammation
  • ​Aids in removal of toxins
  • ​Promotes brain health
  • ​Encourages muscle repair
  • ​Enhances sleep
  • ​Improves thyroid function
  • ​Increased sex drive
REKICK: Organic Thyroid Support
REKICK: Organic Thyroid Support
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